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net-haus - Logo-unternehmen net-haus GmbH was founded in 1999 by Stefan Wenzel and Dr. Andreas Wenzel. The idea behind the company was to design a software that would help organise processes relating to the technical support of real estates in an easy and transparent way, and coordinate and assign associated service providers via the Internet.
Our web-based building management software hausmanger was launched as early as 2004 and in addition to the standard version, it provided one of the first cloud solutions.
When in 2008 the first web-enabled smartphones appeared on the market we added the TechnikerApp to our hausmanger programme. Thus, for the first time, technicians were able to process their task list directly on their smartphone.
In the following years we have evolved to become one of the leading providers of software solutions for technical building management. We have continually been developing our hausmanger without losing sight of our principle to design an easy-to-use, self-explanatory, user-friendly programme. Currently more than 300 companies use hausmanger to support them in their technical management of properties and facilities and more than 2,500 technicians retrieve their daily tasks from their smartphones with the TechnikerApp.
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Support and Training

Support is provided exclusively by our own trained support staff. The close cooperation of our support team with our development department ensures that even complicated issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. We offer regular training sessions with the choice of training sessions to be held at our Berlin headquarters, individual training courses held at your own office or online training.


On request we adapt our software product to the individual needs and wishes of our customers. Our experienced staff will support the project from start to finish, i.e. from the creation of a requirements catalogue to the on-site implementation of the final solution into your system.

Data Center

To provide hausmanager via the cloud, we have a high-availability cluster located in a professionally managed data center in Germany. Strict security policies which are checked regularly both internally and externally, as well as a strict separation of our customers’ processes ensure the highest possible availability and security for your data.


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